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How does World Wide Shelly’s flight deals work?

I​t’s pretty simple, actually.  We use our proprietary system to hunt down the best flight deals. Once you subscribe for World Wide Shelly’s flight deals, you will get 5-10 flight deals emailed directly to your inbox every week. We only send you flight deals that we would book for ourselves. That means direct flights when possible, short layovers, quality airlines, great destinations, and most importantly- an awesome deal

How do I make the most of my subscription?

Even if you only book one flight through World Wide Shelly, you will save enough on that flight to pay for your subscription for at least several years.  Be flexible on dates and travel locations to get the most out of your subscription.

How long do I have to purchase the flights you email me?

Time is really of the essence with our flight deals. Some deals will literally last for minutes, some hours, and some a few days.  If you are unable to find the exact deal we sent you, try playing around with dates on google flights.

How do I book the flight deals that you email me?

You can use the google flights link on the email or directly with the airline.

Does World Wide Shelly make commission on flights I book?

No. We are supported only by your paid subscription. 

Which airlines do you work with?

We are not affiliated with any airline, but send you deals from all major airlines. We typically shy away from sending deals from low cost airlines as they tend to have too many fees. Once you factor these extra charges into the price, these usually aren’t as great of a deal.

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