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Exploring Rome, the Eternal City

Rome, the capital of Italy, should be in everyone's Top 5 cities to visit at least once in a lifetime. Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or someone who simply loves traveling, Rome will never disappoint. The capital city of the ancient Roman Empire, Rome is home to some of the most extraordinary examples of Roman architecture, artistry, and delicious food.

With everything this city has to offer, we think that 3 days is the minimum you should plan on spending in the Eternal City of Rome. This is just enough time to take Rome's beauty and wonder, while leaving you ready to plan your return to Rome.

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The Colosseum and Roman Forum

We cannot talk about Rome without first mentioning the Colosseum and this is a great attraction to kick off your Roman holiday. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater of its kind, an arena where ancient Romans used to gather to watch gladiator battles. Construction of it began in 72 AD. If you have seen the movie Gladiator, you can understand how much these events constituted Romans' daily form of entertainment. Purchase skip the line tickets in advance and be sure to take advantage of the free audio guide. If you're The guides also have access to parts of the Colosseum not open to the public. So if you want to see the inner workings of the Colosseum as well as where gladiators and beasts waited for their fate, you’ll want to look for a premium tour that includes access to the lower levels.

If visiting the Colosseum has made you want to know more, then stopping at the Roman Forum will take you back to Rome’s most ancients buildings and temples. This plaza is filled with ancient ruins that once used to be the most important government buildings during the Roman Empire.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon, the largest unsupported dome in the world, is the best-preserved monument from ancient Rome. Completed between 126 – 128 AD, this Roman temple was dedicated to the gods of pagan Rome and was eventually converted to a Christian church.

The architecture of the Pantheon is simply marvelous; so much so that when Michelangelo visited it, he famously said, “it was the design of angels, not of man”. To understand what he meant, take a walk inside this monument and admire the view from underneath its oculus — the central part of the dome which opens up to the sky!

Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

Visitors clamor to see the beautiful Trevi Fountain crowding the surrounding area for two reasons: catching a glimpse of the marbles sculptures and to throw a coin for fortune. Legend says that if you face the fountain with your back, close your eyes, and throw the coin with your right hand, your return to Rome is assured. And if you throw three coins, the first is about your return, the second is finding love, and the last one, you will be granted marriage. Not bad, right? The Trevi Fountain is the largest Baroque founatin in Rome, and is one of the most impressive sights in Italy. I never tire of visiting the Trevi Fountain. Try to plan your visit to the Trevi Fountain in the early morning or evening to avoid crowds.

A short walk from the Trevi Fountain, you will find the Spanish Steps. This is one of the best places in Rome to shop and people watch. This area of Rome has a great energy. At the base of the Spanish Steps, you will find the Fountain of the Leaky Boat. This fountain was built to remember a bad flood of the Tiber River in 1598 which left a boat behind in the Piazza di Spagna once it ended

It is definitely worth climbing the 174 steps to the top of the steps. The view from the top of the Spanish Steps is incredible. And once at the top you'll be greeted by artists and performers as well as the beautiful Trinita die Monti Church. Just be aware that visitors are no longer able to sit on the Spanish Steps and can be hit with a $450 fine for so doing.

The Vatican

And when in Rome, you have to visit the Vatican! Where do you get the chance to explore the smallest state in the entire world. For hundred of years, visitors and pilgrims have come to Rome to pay their homage to the heart of the Catholic faith. Let yourself be welcomed by the grandiosity of Saint Peter's Basilica and Saint Peter Square, where the colonnade, realized by the genius mind of Lorenzo Bernini, is structured in a way that gives the idea of embracing all visitors who come to see the Holy city of the Vatican.

And a stop at the Vatican Museum is a must. Hundreds of rooms filled with the most valuables artifacts, a testimony of the history of the Catholic Church and the Roman Empire. And be sure not to miss the Sistine Chapel, where visitors can admire the Creation of Adam, Michelangelo’s legendary fresco, and maybe one if not the most known part of the entire Vatican. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to visit the Vatican.

Villa Borghese and Galleria Borghese

Taking a stroll inside the peaceful park of Villa Borghese is a great way to escape the crowded and frenzied streets of some of the other attractions of Rome. Enjoy the beauty of the park's trees and green fields, while viewing the many beautiful Roman sculptures and fountains around. Visitors can rent a boat and row around the lake, or simply just relax on one of the many benches scattered throughout the park.

At the eastern end of the park you'll find the Galleria Borghese. This museum has an impressive collection of 15th to 18th century art, including masterpieces by Raphael, Caravaggio, and Botticelli. Purchase your tickets ahead of time as only visitors with prepaid tickets will be admitted.

When they say that Rome is the Eternal City, they are not mistaken as it does not matter how much time will pass and how many things will change, Rome will always be standing, and its splendor will always be admired around the world. The beauty of Rome lays in its ability to mix its glorious past and shining present, providing a one-of-a-kind picturesque image, something unique and untouchable, something that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

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